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A living, vibrant neighbourhood

236 apartments under the same roof: the sense of community

Excellent sizes
and features

Your apartment will be the most logical piece of architecture you’ve ever stepped into: bright and spacious. High ceilings, generous windows, intuitive flows and partitioning, no lost corners. Whether you look left and enjoy the skyline of the city, or right, towards the sunny heels, it will always be a pleasure to look out on the window.

Feel the vibe
of the center

Coveniently located within 8 minutes from the city center, Record Park is still on a nice, quite street, secluded from the busy noisy boulevards.

You can enjoy the loads of restaurants and cofee shops and the crowds coming for Untold – only if you want to!

Finishes and
final touch

Natural materials will embrace you once you are home. A touch of wood, a stone wall, earth colours and comfy textures. Some exposed brickwalls in the old-factory nearby. A feel of Brooklin and Berlin, altogether.

Truly green landscapes

Summer here will mean tree-lined sidewalks and a water promenade.
Plus, we created small gardens, balconies and access to open air for every unit. Even a yard!

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Buy your own

You can choose from a large variety of apartments and layouts. All modular and efficient.

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Apartment with garden

From 91.000 euro + VAT

We thought you’d enjoy stepping into your own oasis of green. This is why all the ground floor apartments come with their own secluded garden, quiet and peaceful.

Balcony Garden Spacious 60+ sqm
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View to the private yard

From 165.000 euro + VAT

Some of us look outside in the attempt to reconnect with nature. You will have your green space right under your window.

Balcony Spacious 60+ sqm
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View over the center

From 113.000 euro + VAT

In search of the city vibe? All apartments viewing over the main boulevard are viewing the 7 churches with tower bells and the city center. Enchanting view!

Balcony Spacious 60+ sqm
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Top Floor

From 119.000 euro + VAT

Nothing beats the unrivalled view from the top. Apartments with a high level of energy and personality. More air to breathe, closer to the skies.

Balcony Spacious