Sold Out

The first mixed use development and truly urban regenerating project in Cluj-Napoca

17.000 sqm land

born by adjoining several land plots, including factory outlets, a former public pool and a lot of symbolism for Cluj-Napoca residents

37.000 sqm built area

In which the developers aspire to restore the glory of the past with a strong vision in the future

236 apartments

Affordable units, with a chic design and cool personality

12.000 sqm offices

In a blue building, with smart systems and apps that connect the humans, beyond the brick and mortar

1.000 sqm retail

Record Park will host, at the ground floor of the residential building, more than 1.000 sqm dedicated to retail facilities, focused on making residents’ live easier: groceries, convenience stores, cleaning and other services.

1.200 sqm sports area

World Class will operate in Record Park a flagship facility in a secluded building, with a retractable roof-top pool, gym facilities and a courtyard. Minutes aways from the other functions, yet in a dedicated area.

7000 sqm green area

Never before has a developer looked more carefully after the green areas in a new compound. We are sending all the cars underground and we encourage walking in the park, on green alleys and tree-lined walkways.

Water Front

We are creating a community by creating a water promenade along Canalul Morii, with bridges and urban furniture.